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Herpes Test

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This test requires a sample to be sent to our lab. Please choose your preference of how to provide a sample.

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Herpes Test

What does the Herpes Test detect?

The Home Diagnostics herpes test kit will detect the following herpes infections:

  • Herpes Simplex I
  • Herpes Simplex II

How it works

We will send you out a sample kit, which you will use and send back to our laboratory in the prepaid envelope, which we provide. In the laboratory your sample will be analysed. If your test comes back positive we will prescribe and send you the medication that you require if you continue to be symptomatic.

How does it work?

The herpes test is urine or swab based. The sample can be collected at home. The laboratory will then examine your sample to see whether or not you have herpes. You will only get a positive result if the virus is present and active. An active herpes virus will normally produce symptoms such as blisters, but this is not always the case.

What happens if my test for herpes comes back positive?

If your test comes back positive we will prescribe the appropriate antiviral medication for you, which will be sent out by next day delivery. We are able to prescribe either Zovirax (acicolvir) or Valtex (valacyclovir). Please note that an antiviral is only appropriate if you have symptoms. If you do not have symptoms then the medication will not provide any therapeutic benefit.

How long do the results take to come back?

It normally takes between 36 and 48 hours for the laboratory to process your sample.

How reliable are the results?

The results are extremely reliable. We use one of the top pathology labs in the country, TDL in London. If you have herpes but the virus is inactive, then you will most probably get a negative result.

Many people ask for a blood test for herpes but the utility of a positive test using a blood sample is limited so it is not generally recommended by doctors.

How long should I wait after a risky event to get tested?

We recommend the herpes test only if you are showing potential symptoms of the virus such as sores or blisters around your genital area.

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